Locmans Advisors are experienced in assisting in aspects of SMSF.
Operating your own SMSF gives you greater flexibility over your finances and more control over your asset investment allocation. Not only that, but it also gives you access to additional tax benefits and customised investment opportunities.
Superannuation laws are complex and detailed planning and explanation is required. Controlling your own superannuation through a SMSF means you are legally responsible for the actions of the fund and must ensure it operates in accordance with current laws and ATO requirements.

SMSF administration and compliance

Locmans Advisors can assist you with what is required in the administration of SMSF such as annual audits, compliance paperwork, financial statements and tax returns. There are numerous trust laws and legislative requirements for setting up a SMSF, specialist advice is required to inform you in understanding your responsibility as a trustee of the fund.

Locmans Advisors’ SMSF services

  • Direct you on how to establish a SMSF
  • Appoint an appropriate Superannuation  Auditor to your fund
  • Advice on compliance matters, minutes and resolutions
  • Advice on taxation benefits and requirements
  • Advice on contribution and pension levels
  • Advice on employer obligations

Whether you want to invest in property, shares, cash, or futures, Locmans Advisors’ knowledge will assist you in knowing regulatory and wealth management issues you  need to know to manage your SMSF and  take control of your money and your future.

At Locmans Advisors we acknowledge superannuation as a wealth building strategy for your retirement.

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