Business Advisory

From start-ups to well established corporations, we’ve got you covered to setup or refine the strategies that you need.

At Locmans Advisors, our focus is on delivering proactive and practical accounting and business advice to assist you with:

  • Implementing the most appropriate structure for your business

  • Understanding corporate obligations

  • Advice and management of complex tax issues

  • Identifying opportunities and strategic solutions, and more.


Openly communicate with our accountants in real-time to get their assistance or advice for what to do next, as your success is our success.

Still a bit hazy with the options you’ve been given? We strive for clear and concise plans so that we can be held accountable for the advice we give you.

Just like you, we want what’s best for your business and you.


We are well versed in applying tax laws within your particular business environment and factoring in your particular industry.

Our team of tax advisors assist you in managing tax risks and compliance in the following areas:

  • Corporate tax and franking credits

  • Individual income tax

  • International tax

  • Small business concessions

  • Tax effective exit strategies, and more.

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When your books are in order and accounts are reconciled, making real time business decisions based on current and up to date data is easy.

But, hit a roadblock while travelling down the bookkeeping road and you will certainly notice the tarmac change to bumpy dirt road underneath you.

Get your accounts in order and avoid roadblocks and bumpy dirt roads!


Let us lead you through the complex web of trust laws and legislative requirements for setting up a SMSF.
We can:

Our team of tax advisors assist you in managing tax risks and compliance in the following areas:

  • Direct you on how to establish a SMSF

  • Appoint an appropriate Superannuation Auditor to your fund

  • Advise on compliance matters, minutes and resolutions

  • Advise on taxation benefits and requirements

  • Advise on contribution and pension levels

  • Advise on employer obligations

Estate, Succession & Wealth Management

You show us the bigger picture; we’ll take care of the finer details.

When your business has come full circle and it’s time to move on, what do you do next?
Where do you go from here?
Will you be selling it? Or perhaps passing it down to the next generation?

A barrage of questions come knocking when the time comes, why not be prepared and make sure it’s organised? Then all you need to do is sit back and watch them fall into place.

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