Estate, Succession and Financial Planning


Estate Planning

Many business owners are conflicted onhow best their assets will be passed on to future generations.
Estate planning requires a road map of where you are now, where you will be at retirement and what legacy you wish to leave behind. From this you can then precisely construct a Will to reflect your current circumstances and future wishes. Many issues are at play when drawing up a Will especially in dealing with assets that are owned by a family trust, superannuation fund, company or other indirect holding structure. Often times these issues are not straight forward and providing for certain family members requires discussion, consultation and finesse. There are also taxation and asset protection elements that need addressing in formulating a Will.
Locmans Advisors is able to assist in the estate planning process to ensure your individual outcome.

Succession Planning

It is inevitable that a time will come when your own business life cycle comes full circle. Whether you decide to sell up, retire or exit due to health reasons, it’s important that you plan for that day. More importantly if the business will continue as a generational business then the timing of handing over control becomes a paramount decision.
A good succession plan enables a smooth transition to minimise disruption to operations and provide an outcome that all family members will agree to. By discussing your exit well in advance you can achieve harmony, resolution and continuity ensuring the health and value of thebusiness remains intact well into the future.
At Locmans Advisors planning cover process.

Financial Planning

While our firm concentrates on delivering our service offering we recognize the importance of financial planning for our clients. In these modern times financial planning has taken its own course with a sophisticated and well trained environment for financial planning professionals.
It is our aim to ensure that our clients are exposed to the best financial planning initiatives offered by professionals that specialise in that field.
At Locmans Advisors our affiliation with these financial advisors assist us in a working relationship that provides you with the best possible financial plan for you.

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